US EAS 888: 2018

Raw and roasted groundnuts - Specification

UGX 15,000/=


This Uganda Standard specifies the requirements, sampling and test methods for raw and roasted groundnuts of the fruit of the plant Arachis hypogea intended for direct human consumption. This standard applies to shelled raw and roasted/fried groundnuts kernels. It does not apply to groundnuts for further processing. (This standard cancels and replaces US EAS 57-1:2000, Groundnuts (peanuts) - Specification - Part 1: Raw groundnuts for table use and for oil milling and US EAS 57-2:2000, Groundnuts (peanuts) - Specification - Part 2: Roasted groundnuts, which has been technically revised). This standard was PUBLISHED on 2020-06-16

Price UGX 15,000/=
Category Food and Agriculture Standards
Status Compulsory
Format PDF
TC UNBS/TC 2/SC 3 - Food and agriculture Standards-Cereals, pulses and related processed products
ICS 67.060 Cereals, pulses and derived products
Language English
Edition 1st Edition
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