US 662:2008

Code of practice for inspection and acceptance of audio, video and similar electronics apparatus

UGX 40,000/=


This Code of practice is intended to form a basic reference document for acceptable used electronic apparatus in Uganda and promote the safe usage and dumping of used electronic apparatus to safeguard the environment. Any contract adhering to these general procedures with the intention of providing such safe and performing used electronic apparatus should be eligible to apply for certification to this code. This code of practice applies to used electronic apparatus designed to be fed from the mains, from a supply apparatus, from batteries or from remote power feeding and intended for reception, generation, recording or reproduction respectively of audio, video and associated signals. This code also concerns apparatus intended for household and similar general use but which may also be used in places of public assembly such as schools, theatres, places of worship and the workplace. This standard was published on 2008-12-11.

Price UGX 40,000/=
Status Compulsory
Format PDF
TC UNBS/TC 6-Electrotechnology Standards
ICS 97.020 - Home economics in general
Language English
Edition 1st Edition
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