US EAS 816:2023

Synthetic liquid laundry detergent Specification (1st Edition)

UGX 25,000/=


This Uganda Standard specifies the requirements, sampling and test methods for hand wash and machine wash synthetic liquid laundry detergents. (This first edition will cancel and replace US EAS 816-1:2015, Synthetic liquid laundry detergents Specification ? Part 1: Hand wash; and US EAS 816-2:2015, Synthetic liquid laundry detergents Specification ? Part 2: Machine wash, which have been technically revised, Upon Publication of a Legal Notice).This standard was published on 2023-12-13

Price UGX 25,000/=
Status Voluntary
Format PDF
TC UNBS/TC 309, Surface active agents
Language EN
Edition 1stst Edition
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