US EAS 412-1:2013

Steel for the reinforcement of concrete - Part 1: Plain bars


This Uganda Standard specifies technical requirements for plain bars to be used as reinforcement in concrete. This part of US EAS 412 covers nine steel grades not intended for welding (B240A-P, B240B-P, B240C-P, B240D-P, B300A-P, B300B-P, B300C-P, B300D-P and B420D-P), and one steel grade (B420DWP) intended for welding. This standard covers products delivered in straight lengths. Plain bars produced from finished products, such as plates and railway rails, are excluded from this standard. (This Uganda Standard cancels and replaces US 155-1:2003, Specification for steel bars for reinforcement of concrete - Plain bars, which has been technically revised and republished).

This Standard was withdrawn and replaced by :

  US EAS 412-1:2019

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