US ISO 8559-1:2017

Size designation of clothes -Part 1: Anthropometric definitions for body measurement

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This Uganda Standard provides a description of anthropometric measurements that can be used as a basis for the creation of physical and digital anthropometric databases. The list of measurements specified in this document is intended to serve as a guide for practitioners in the field of clothing who are required to apply their knowledge to select population market segments and to create size and shape profiles for the development of all garment types and their equivalent fit mannequins. The list provides a guide for how to take anthropometric measurements, as well as give information to clothing product development teams and fit mannequin manufacturers on the principles of measurement and their underlying anatomical and anthropometrical bases. (This standard, together with US ISO 8559-2:2017, cancels and replaces US 356:2002, Size designation of clothes ??? Men`s and boy outerwear garments, US 357:2002, Size designation of clothes ??? Women`s and girl`s outerwear garments and US 358:2002, Size designation of clothes ??? Infants garments, which have been withdrawn). This standard was PUBLISHED on 2019-10-01

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TC UNBS/TC 7, Textiles, leather, paper and related products, Subcommittee SC 1, Textiles and related products.
ICS 61.020 Clothes
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