US 1654-1:2017/Correction 1_2019

Footwear - Specification for men`s shoes - Part 1: Closed shoes


This Uganda Standard specifies the requirements, sampling and test methods for men`s closed shoes made from all types of materials and of all constructions and designs. (This Uganda Standard cancels and replaces US 582-1:2007, Men`s shoes with stuck-on outer soles - Part 1: Flat lasted construction - Specification US 582-2:2007, Men`s shoes with stuck-on outer soles - Part 2: California type construction - Specification US 582-3:2007, Men`s shoes with stuck-on outer soles - Part 3: Moccasin type construction - Specification US 639:2006 Specification for the production of men`s heavy boots, service type made according to the Good Year Welted principle which are being reissued as a single standard). This standard was published on 2017-06-20.

This Standard was withdrawn and replaced by :

  US EAS 942-1:2020

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