US EAS 156-3:2000

Woven bags from natural fibres - Specification - Part 3: Woven bags for sugar

UGX 20,000/=


This Uganda Standard specifies minimum requirements and other particulars of natural fibre bags made from sisal, jute or kenaf for the packaging of sugar. (This standard cancels and replaces US 251/EAS 175 Specification for woven bags made from natural fibres for sugar). This standard was adopted on 2001-06-26

Price UGX 20,000/=
Category Chemicals and Consumer Products Standards
Status Compulsory
Format PDF
TC UNBS/TC 7/SC 1-Textiles, leather, paper and related products Standards-Textiles and textile products
ICS 55.080 Sacks. Bags
Language English
Edition 1st Edition
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