US ISO 18606:2013

Packaging and the environment Organic recycling

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This Uganda Standard specifies procedures and requirements for packaging that are suitable for organic recycling. Packaging is considered as recoverable by organic recycling only if all the individual components meet the requirements. Therefore, packaging is not considered recoverable by organic recycling if only some of the components meet the requirements laid down in this International Standard. However, if the components can be easily, physically separated before disposal, then the physically separated components can be individually considered for organic recycling. This standard is applicable to organic recycling of used packaging but does not address regulations that exist regarding the recoverability of any residual packaged goods. This International Standard does not provide information on requirements for the biodegradability of used packaging which ends up in the soil environment as litter, because littering is not considered as a recovery option. This standard is also not applicable to biological treatment undertaken in small installations by householders. For each of the packaging components the following four aspects are addressed: a) biodegradation; b) disintegration during biological waste treatment process (i.e. composting); c) negative effects on the biological process; d) negative effects on the quality of the resulting compost, including the presence of high levels of regulated metals and other substances hazardous to the environment. This standard establishes the requirements for packaging suitable for organic recycling. This standard was published on 2023-12-13.

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