US ISO 18185-1:2007

Freight containers- Electronic seals- Part 1: Communication protocol

UGX 35,000/=


This Uganda Standard provides a system for the identification and presentation of information about freight container electronic seals. The identification system provides an unambiguous and unique identification of the container seal, its status and related information. The presentation of this information is provided through a radio-communications interface providing seal identification and a method for determining whether a freight container’s seal has been opened. This part of US ISO 18185 specifies a read-only, non-reusable freight container seal identification system, with an associated system for verifying the accuracy of use, having • a seal status identification system, • a battery status indicator, • a unique seal identifier including the identification of the manufacturer, • the seal (tag) type. It applies to all electronic seals used on freight containers covered by ISO 668, ISO 1496-1 to ISO 1496-5, and ISO 8323. Wherever appropriate and practicable, it also applies to freight containers other than those covered by these International Standards. This standard was published on 15 June 2021.

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