US ISO/TS 17728:2015

Microbiology of the food chain -Sampling techniques for microbiological analysis of food and feed samples

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This Uganda Standard applies to the collection of samples before submission to the laboratory for microbiological examination. It provides general instructions and specific requirements for obtaining samples and for transport to the laboratory. Sampling plans are not included in the scope of this Technical Specification. This Technical Specification applies to all food and feed products, including blocks of frozen products, carcasses (excluding surface sampling of carcasses), meat, and bulk products. The following sample types are outside the scope of this standard: • milk and dairy products (see ISO 707); • surface sampling of carcasses (see ISO 17604); • samples from environmental surfaces (see ISO 18593); • samples from the primary production stage (see ISO 13307. This standard was adopted on 2020-12-15.

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