US 872: 2020

Fermented beverages -Specification

UGX 15,000/=


This Uganda Standard specifies requirements, sampling and test methods for fermented beverages. This standard does not apply to those fermented products such as wines, fruit wines, beers, opaque beers, kombucha, tonto, and yoghurts for which other Uganda standards already exist. (This standard cancels and replaces the first edition, US 872: 2009, Fermented (non-alcoholic) cereal beverages -Specification, which has been technically revised). This standard was published on 2020-12-15.

Price UGX 15,000/=
Category Food and Agriculture
Status Voluntary
Format pdf
TC UNBS/TC 2, Food and agriculture, Subcommittee SC 16, Drinks, water and related beverages.
Language English
Edition 2nd Edition
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