US ISO 17604:2015

Microbiology of the food chain -Carcass sampling for microbiological analysis

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This Uganda Standard specifies sampling methods for the detection and enumeration of microorganisms on the surface of carcasses or parts of carcasses of slaughtered meat animals. The microbiological sampling can be carried out as part of – process hygiene control (to validate and or verify process control, e.g. total counts and Enterobacteriaceae) in slaughter establishments for large mammals, poultry, and game, – risk-based assurance systems for product safety, and – monitoring or surveillance programmes for the prevalence and/or numbers of pathogenic microorganisms. This standard includes the use of excision and swabbing techniques depending on the reason for sample collection. It also includes the use of carcass rinsing for the examination of carcasses of poultry and some small animals. This standard was adopted on 2020-12-15.

Price UGX 25,000/=
Category Food and Agriculture
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TC UNBS/TC 2, Food and agriculture, Subcommittee SC 12, Meat, poultry and processed products.
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