US CODEX STAN 96:1981 (Revision:2015)

Standard for cooked cured ham

UGX 15,000/=


This Uganda Standard applies to products designated as "Cooked Ham" packaged in any suitable packaging material. It does not apply to cooked ham products with compositional characteristics different from those specified. These products shall be designated with a qualifying statement which describes the true nature in such a way that it does not mislead the consumer and that it does not lead to confusion with products covered by this standard. [This Uganda Standard cancels and replaces US CODEX STAN 96:1981 (Revision 1991), Standard for cooked cured ham, which has been technically revised].

Price UGX 15,000/=
Edition Not Specified
Category Food and Agriculture
Status Compulsory
TC Not Specified
ICS Not Specified
Language PDF