US 713:2008

Requirements for hygiene in commercial skin penetration, hairdressing, and beauty and natural therapy

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This Uganda Standard covers requirements for hygiene in commercial skin penetration, hair dressing, beauty and natural therapy. The guidelines also outline and review the infection prevention techniques that are critical in reducing the risk of disease transmission. It provides operators with information that enables them to take all reasonable precautions towards infection control. By following these provisions, operators can be reassured that they are minimizing the risk of transmitting infectious diseases. This standard applies to commercial operators involved in beauty treatments including facials, waxing, massage, skin peels, manicures and pedicures and hairdressing services including cutting, shaving, colouring, and perfuming and skin penetration including tattooing, acupuncture, ear piercing and electrolysis. This standard was published on 2008-12-11

Price UGX 30,000/=
Category Management and Services Standards
Status Voluntary
Format PDF
TC UNBS/TC 10-Management and services
ICS 13.100 Occupational safety. Industrial hygiene; 97.170 Body care equipment; 71.100.70 Cosmetics. Toiletries
Language English
Edition 1st Edition
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