US EAS 377-1: 2013

Cosmetics and cosmetic products - Part 1: List of substances prohibited in cosmetic products

UGX 20,000/=


This Uganda Standard prescribes the chemical name, state and formulation under which specific use as substance is prohibited in the cosmetic products. This standard applies only to cosmetic products and not to medicinal products, medical devices or biocidal products. (This Uganda Standard cancels and replaces US 442-2:2002, Cosmetics - List of substances which must not form part of the composition of any cosmetic product, which has been technically revised and republished). This standard was PUBLISHED on 2013-12-17

Price UGX 20,000/=
Status Compulsory
Format PDF
TC UNBS/TC 5-Chemicals and Environment Standards
ICS 71.100.70 Cosmetics. Toiletries
Language English
Edition 1st Edition
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