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Wheat flour - Specification
Maize grains - Specification
Fresh pineapple - Specification
Fresh avocado - Specification
Standard for canned salmon
Infant formula - Specification
Refined white sugar - Specification
Raw cane sugar - Specification
Potable water - Specification
Packaged natural mineral water - Specification
Standard specification for pulses (excluding beans)
Code of hygienic practice for eggs and egg products
Specification for margarine
Plantation (mill) white sugar - Specification
Standard for canned applesauce
Honey - Specification (Second edition)/ Corrigendum 1 2012-11-29
Butter - Specification
UHT milk - Specification
Code of practice for hygiene in the food and drink manufacturing industry
Standard specification for jam (fruits preserves) and jellies/ Amend. 1 2012-11-29
Specifications for citrus marmalade
Standard specification for edible ices and ice mixes
Yoghurt - Specification
Fortified food grade salt - Specification
Standard for quick frozen finfish, eviscerated or un-eviscerated
Standard for canned shrimps or prawns
Labelling of pre-packaged foods - General requirements
Specifications for tomato ketchup
Specifications for tomato sauce
Code of hygienic practice for precooked and cooked foods in mass catering
Standard specification for papain powder
Standard for quick frozen peas
Standard for canned pineapple
Bread - Specification/ Corrigendum 1 2013-09-30
Milled maize (corn) products - Specification
General standard for food additives
Dry beans - Specification
Carbonated and non-carbonated soft drinks - Specification
Standard specification for mango chutney
Dried whole milk and skimmed milk powder - Specification
Specification for mayonnaise - Part 1: Real mayonnaise/ Corrigendum 1 2012-11-29
Specification for mayonnaise - Part 2: Low fat mayonnaise/ Corrigendum 1 2012-11-29
Wheat grains - Specification
Standard for quick frozen strawberries
Groundnuts (peanuts) - Specification - Part 1: Raw groundnuts for table use and for oil milling
Groundnuts (peanuts) - Specification - Part 2: Roasted groundnuts
Peanut butter - Specification
Standard for canned raspberries
Standard for canned pears
Opaque beer - Specification
Fruit juice drinks - Specification
Standard for canned strawberries
Beer - Specification
Tomato products - Specification - Part 1: Canned tomato
Standard for table olives
Raw cow milk - Specification
Standard for raisins
Pasteurized milk - Specification
Standard for quick frozen raspberries
Dairy ices and dairy ice creams - Specification
Standard for canned tuna and bonito
Processed cereal-based foods for infants and young children - Specification
Standard for canned baby foods
Standard for quick frozen peaches
Standard for quick frozen bilberries
Standard for quick frozen spinach
Milk-based baby foods - Specification
Standard for canned fruit cocktail
Standard for cocoa butter
Sweetened condensed milk - Specification
Millet flour - Specification
Standard for luncheon meat
Standard for canned crab meat
Standard for quick frozen shrimps and prawns
Standard for sardines and sardine type products
Sorghum flour - Specification
Standard for quick frozen lobsters
Standard for cooked cured ham
Fishmeal - Specification
Standard for cooked cured pork shoulder
Curry powder - Specification
Standard for cooked cured chopped meat
Standard for canned tropical fruit salad
Standard for quick frozen blueberries
Standard for quick frozen leek
Roasted coffee beans and roasted ground coffee - Specification
Standard for cocoa powders (cocoas) and dry mixtures of cocoa and sugars
General standard for irradiated foods
Potable spirit - Specification
Standard for quick frozen broccoli
Standard for quick frozen cauliflower
Standard for quick frozen Brussels sprouts
Standard for quick frozen green and wax beans
Standard for pickled cucumbers
Standard for canned finfish
Milled rice - Specification
Green coffee beans - Specification
Standard for unshelled pistachio nuts
Still table wine - Specification

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