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  US EAS 1:2013   Wheat flour - Specification
  US EAS 2:2013   Maize grains - Specification
  US 2:2015   Fresh pineapple - Specification
  US 3:2015   Fresh avocado - Specification
  US CODEX STAN 3:1981   Standard for canned salmon
  US EAS 4:2013   Infant formula - Specification
  US EAS 5:2009   Refined white sugar - Specification
  US EAS 8:2010   Raw cane sugar - Specification
  US EAS 12:2014   Potable water - Specification
  US EAS 13:2014   Packaged natural mineral water - Specification
  US 14:2002   Standard specification for pulses (excluding beans)
  US CAC/RCP 15:1976   Code of hygienic practice for eggs and egg products
  US EAS 14:2000   Specification for margarine
  US EAS 16:2009   Plantation (mill) white sugar - Specification
  US EAS   Hillary
  US 18:2004/Cor. 1 2012   Honey - Specification (Second edition)/ Corrigendum 1 2012-11-29
  US EAS 22:2006   Butter - Specification
  US EAS 27:2006   UHT milk - Specification
  US 28 EAS 39:2002   Code of practice for hygiene in the food and drink manufacturing industry
  US 31:1999/Amend. 1 2012   Standard specification for jam (fruits preserves) and jellies/ Amend. 1 2012-11-29
  US 32:1999   Specifications for citrus marmalade
  US 33:2002   Standard specification for edible ices and ice mixes
  US EAS 33:2006   Yoghurt - Specification
  US EAS 35:2012   Fortified food grade salt - Specification
  US CODEX STAN 36:1981   Standard for quick frozen finfish, eviscerated or un-eviscerated
  US CODEX STAN 37:1981   Standard for canned shrimps or prawns
  US EAS 38:2014   Labelling of pre-packaged foods - General requirements
  US 38:1999   Specifications for tomato ketchup
  US 39:1999   Specifications for tomato sauce
  US CAC/RCP 39:1993   Code of hygienic practice for precooked and cooked foods in mass catering
  US 40:2000   Standard specification for papain powder
  US CODEX STAN 41:1981   Standard for quick frozen peas
  US CODEX STAN 42:1981   Standard for canned pineapple
  US EAS 43:2012/Corr. 1 2013   Bread - Specification/ Corrigendum 1 2013-09-30
  US EAS 44:2011   Milled maize (corn) products - Specification
  US 45:2015   General standard for food additives
  US EAS 46:2013   Dry beans - Specification
  US 47:2011   Carbonated and non-carbonated soft drinks - Specification
  US 49:2000   Standard specification for mango chutney
  US EAS 49:2006   Dried whole milk and skimmed milk powder - Specification
  US 51-1:2000/Cor. 1 2012   Specification for mayonnaise - Part 1: Real mayonnaise/ Corrigendum 1 2012-11-29
  US 51-2:2000/Cor. 1 2012   Specification for mayonnaise - Part 2: Low fat mayonnaise/ Corrigendum 1 2012-11-29
  US EAS 51:2013   Wheat grains - Specification
  US CODEX STAN 52:1981   Standard for quick frozen strawberries
  US EAS 57-1:2000   Groundnuts (peanuts) - Specification - Part 1: Raw groundnuts for table use and for oil milling
  US EAS 57-2:2000   Groundnuts (peanuts) - Specification - Part 2: Roasted groundnuts
  US EAS 60:2013   Peanut butter - Specification
  US CODEX STAN 60:1981   Standard for canned raspberries
  US CODEX STAN 61:1981   Standard for canned pears
  US EAS 61:2014   Opaque beer - Specification
  US 62:2011   Fruit juice drinks - Specification
  US CODEX STAN 62:1981   Standard for canned strawberries
  US EAS 63:2014   Beer - Specification
  US EAS 66-1:2000   Tomato products - Specification - Part 1: Canned tomato
  US CODEX STAN 66:1981   Standard for table olives
  US EAS 67:2006   Raw cow milk - Specification
  US CODEX STAN 67:1981   Standard for raisins
  US EAS 69:2006   Pasteurized milk - Specification
  US CODEX STAN 69:1981   Standard for quick frozen raspberries
  US EAS 70:2006   Dairy ices and dairy ice creams - Specification
  US CODEX STAN 70:1981   Standard for canned tuna and bonito
  US EAS 72:2013   Processed cereal-based foods for infants and young children - Specification
  US CODEX STAN 73:1981   Standard for canned baby foods
  US CODEX STAN 75:1981   Standard for quick frozen peaches
  US CODEX STAN 76:1981   Standard for quick frozen bilberries
  US CODEX STAN 77:1981   Standard for quick frozen spinach
  US EAS 78:2000   Milk-based baby foods - Specification
  US CODEX STAN 78:1981   Standard for canned fruit cocktail
  US CODEX STAN 86:1981   Standard for cocoa butter
  US EAS 87:2006   Sweetened condensed milk - Specification
  US CODEX STAN 88-1981(Revised in 2015)   Standard for corned beef
  US EAS 89:2011   Millet flour - Specification
  US CODEX STAN 89-1981(Revised in 2015)   Standard for luncheon meat
  US CODEX STAN 90:1981   Standard for canned crab meat
  US CODEX STAN 92:1981   Standard for quick frozen shrimps and prawns
  US CODEX STAN 94:1981   Standard for sardines and sardine type products
  US EAS 95:2011   Sorghum flour - Specification
  US CODEX STAN 95:1981   Standard for quick frozen lobsters
  US CODEX STAN 96:1981   Standard for cooked cured ham
  US EAS 97:1999   Fishmeal - Specification
  US CODEX STAN 97:1981   Standard for cooked cured pork shoulder
  US EAS 98:1999   Curry powder - Specification
  US CODEX STAN 98:1981   Standard for cooked cured chopped meat
  US CODEX STAN 99:1981   Standard for canned tropical fruit salad
  US CODEX STAN 103:1981   Standard for quick frozen blueberries
  US CODEX STAN 104:1981   Standard for quick frozen leek
  US EAS 105:1999   Roasted coffee beans and roasted ground coffee - Specification
  US CODEX STAN 105:1981   Standard for cocoa powders (cocoas) and dry mixtures of cocoa and sugars
  US CODEX STAN 106:1981   General standard for irradiated foods
  US EAS 109:2014   Potable spirit - Specification
  US CODEX STAN 110:1981   Standard for quick frozen broccoli
  US CODEX STAN 111:1981   Standard for quick frozen cauliflower
  US CODEX STAN 112:1981   Standard for quick frozen Brussels sprouts
  US CODEX STAN 113:1981   Standard for quick frozen green and wax beans
  US CODEX STAN 115:1981   Standard for pickled cucumbers
  US CODEX STAN 119:1981   Standard for canned finfish
  US EAS 128:2013   Milled rice - Specification
  US EAS 130:1999   Green coffee beans - Specification
  US CODEX STAN 131:1981   Standard for unshelled pistachio nuts
  US EAS 138:2014   Still table wine - Specification

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